Y ahora que?

Copyright ©2021 by Brenda Faatz & Peter Trimarco

ISBN 9781733354868 Picture Book - ages 3-8  44 Pages

The award-winning NOW WHAT? Spanish edition. The book title begs the question and the answers deal with obstacles which become opportunities in this comical romp. Curiosity, frustration, anticipation, and a unique perspective are at the heart of this tale about Lizzy (from the “It’s Just So…” book series). Primarily a picture walk written in lyrical rhyme, we are taken on a little journey through a day that brings personal growth, a few tears, the meeting of a new neighbor and a good dose of laughter. ​​


Tennyson's Big Secret

Copyright ©2023 by A.H. Benjamin

ISBN 9781735853550 Picture Book - ages 3-8  32 Pages / Pub Date August 15, 2023

From acclaimed London-based author comes a charming read aloud picture book that is humorous and touching. Tennyson has a BIG secret. He can do a MAGICAL thing. Guessing this quite spectacular, possibly loud, potentially outrageous, or ultimately endearing secret brings the reader to the heart of the latest picture book by renowned London-based author AH Benjamin. Through simple dialogue and a smattering of outlandish and comical illustrations, this picture-walk, early-reader adventure follows young Tennyson and his highly confused kitten as we await the big reveal.



The Cousins Are Coming

Copyright ©2023 by Kay Jones

ISBN 9781735853543 Picture Book - ages 3-8  32 Pages / Pub Date May 16 2023

What happens when the annual family ‘get-together’ commences? Humor, mischief, a twinge of jealousy, an abundance of mayhem, and a healthy dose of pure joy! Through lyrical rhyme and colorful, humorous illustrations readers will realize that “The cousins are coming!”—followed by a “dash out the door to meet the crew…with hugs and laughter and a kiss or two. “YUCK!” From ‘rock-paper-scissors’ to unauthorized spying on the parents, the gathering of two families presents relatable interactions between children, some coming-of-age moments, a touch of tenderness, and the building of memories. Kay Jones’ first picture book is more than a playbook for friendship, it also captures the gift of family.



Quest For The Neptius

Copyright ©2023 by A.H. Benjamin

ISBN 9781733354875 Middle Grade Chapter Book - ages 7-12 / 122 Pages / Pub Date March 7, 2023

"Quest for the Neptius is a delightful fantasy novel in which an ordinary girl is awed by her encounters with good, evil, and her personal power to achieve greatness."

– Foreword Reviews

Meet Marissa, a caring, curious, and brave eleven-year-old girl whose summer stroll on a quiet beach becomes an epic adventure that pulls her into a mysterious undersea world. Lured by the simple sounds of a unique seashell, Marissa finds herself pulled into a battle between an ancient marine species and advanced life forms not of this planet. Her survival and only path home is that of legends as she befriends magical creatures and battles an evil nymph while in quest of a simple flower. The petals of the Neptius flower hold the answers and are the salvation for Marissa and an entire undersea universe.