Please visit us in 2022 as we introduce original scripts for stages, professional and amateur, which are created children and aspiring thespians. Notable Kids (aka Wee Noteable Productions) has been producing and performing original musical theatre programs since 2007, as well as operating the Notable Kids Arts Center in Denver. In addition to teaching performing arts, the Notable Kids team has staged its own professional musical theater productions as adults performing for children for theatres, library programs and schools as well as being featured on the main stage of state and municipal festivals and expos.

Through its sister company, Notable Kids Publishing,  we are making available our established programs and new materials  for licensing. These will include script licensing, backing tracks for musical productions, and interactive story-telling guides for educators and directors. Licensed materials are created by seasoned national caliber writers and directors, with music scores and backing tracks produced by established Broadway music arrangers.  We look forward to connecting with you in March 2022.