“The Adventures of Camellia N… not only educates young children with positive messaging, but helps propel them to action through Camellia Kids Care projects. I believe “we cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together. Children are our future…and Camellia is an inspiring role model for them to become environmental ambassadors.”                            

– Bill Richardson, The Richardson Center for Global Engagement; Former two-term Governor of New Mexico,
U.S. Congressman, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and former Energy Secretary of the United States
"The Adventures of Camellia N" provides parents and educators a creative and entertaining launch pad, from which they can introduce young minds to the magical beauty of the wild kingdom.”
– Georgienne Bradley, Founder & Director, Sea Save Foundation

“Well done Camellia N! Books for children that are fun and also teach them about the wonders of nature are always so welcome. Caring about our shared planet can start
before we learn to walk”

– Peter Boyd - Former COO of Carbon War Room & Founder of Time4Good
“Hybrid educational platforms like The Adventures of Camellia N. are a perfect vehicle allowing the dance between entertainment and education.”
– Michael P. Nash, Filmmaker
 “The Adventures of Camellia N. inspires young readers to love and care for the Earth. Debbie Widerøe writes in a warm and lively style that will instantly captivate her readers. I truly love the series. Debbie has created a delightful gift to children.”
– Esther Lindop, Author and Educator

"The Adventures of Camellia N. helps foster the idea that humans have to live in harmony with each other, other species and planet earth. This beautiful book series, which covers every part of our planet, provides a powerful message for young children. As Camellia gains an appreciation of the world surrounding her, so do the readers. Camellia and her adventures will help educate and inspire children throughout our planet, with hopes of creating change."
- Graciela Chichilnisky: Visiting Professor at Stanford University and the CEO of Global Thermostat. The Washington Post calls her an "A-List Star." Time Magazine named her a "Hero of the Environment." Graciela worked extensively on the Kyoto Protocol, creating and designing the carbon market that became international law in 2005.

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