It's Just a Bunnypalooza!

Copyright ©2019 by Brenda Faatz & Peter Trimarco

Available March 12, 2019

ISBN 978-0-997085174

t’s Just a Bunnypalooza for our red-headed protagonist Lizzy. Ever rambunctious and creative, Lizzy is learning new dance moves from her furry bunny friends just in time for the school talent show. When she tells her classmates that she’s learning hip-hoppity moves from bunnies, Lizzy becomes embarrassed and self-conscious as the children giggle at her over-active imagination. From there, Lizzy is decidedly in complete denial that animals communicate with her. She becomes an avid "non-believer.” Naturally, the bunnies organize an intervention. Not only will these furry little creatures not allow Lizzy to attempt ‘hip-hop’ without them, they do not want to lose their friend. Word travels fast and before long, where once there were two bunnies there are now three … and soon four and then dozens more. All the while, Lizzy remains steadfast in her denial right up until the “Rabbit-a-Raucous  Recital.”

This little tale about Lizzy and ‘cotton-tails’ provides  multiple social-emotional-learning moments…and is also pure adventure-in-rhyme, fantastical humor and, as with all Lizzy books, plays with made-up words. For ages 3-7, this is the third book in the award-winning “It’s Just So” series  (Foreword Indies Silver, Mom’s Choice Gold, CIPA- Gold, Reader’s Favorite Gold).



The Adventures of Camellia N.  The Rainforest

Copyright ©2018 by Debbie Wideroe

Available Now (pub date 10/2/18)

ISBN 978-0-997085143

The Adventures of Camellia N. The Rainforest is the third in a series of environmentally-focused educational storybooks targeted to early readers 5-9. In this extraordinary expedition, Camellia N. awakens deep in the jungle, guided by her newest furry friends..a peculiar GIANT otter named Otto, along with quirky cotton-top tamarin, QTipp and Jacki, a jaguar who just happens to be vegan. Camellia N. discovers that the rainforest is home to half of the species of plants and wildlife on our planet and learns the critical role that rainforests play in our planet’s climate.